Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Light Meals

(We lost Kes recently. She was 17 but still the queen of the household.)

Here's a small sampling of some light lunches/dinners put together from left-overs or whatever was still fresh in the frig. Some (or all) of it may not look appetizing to everyone; hopefully no one will be totally grossed out or anything. It was all good to me, weird or not. And it goes without saying that these were meals for one (since hubby would surely choose starvation over any of these offerings).

Roasted beets, roasted balsamic onions, and goat cheese on bibb lettuce, with microgreens, cherry tomatoes, cukes, and carrots. Just about everything came from the Matthews Farmer's Market. Like her dad, Kes would have turned her nose up at this one (except maybe for a few licks of the cheese).

Take a piece of smoked salmon with goat cheese (of course) on top of a leaf or two of bibb lettuce with some leftover ginger & garlic sauteed shrimp, microgreens and capers on the side, and ...

... plop a lightly fried egg (with more goat cheese) on top. I could eat this every day. Kes would have enjoyed the salmon (and licking the gooey egg off her whiskers).

A juicy slice of farmer's market tomato with roasted eggplant, green peppers, red onion on bibb lettuce with feta-style goat cheese and drizzle of reduced balsamic. Not one for Kes.

Whole wheat bread with caramelized garlic spread and pecorino cheese (on the right) and goat-cheese feta (on the left), microgreens, and goat-cheese stuffed squash blossoms. Kes might have liked the cheese on top, except that the garlic smell probably would have ruined it for her.

One more. The least photogenic for last. It's hard to tell, but was a black-bean burger covered in avocado and with dollops of a Greek yogurt/adobo sauce combo. Nothing for Kes. : (

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