Friday, August 2, 2013

Review of Village Burger (Dunwoody, GA)

There's a neighborhood burger shack (literally) tucked back in an area called Dunwoody Village, on Dunwoody Place Drive, that has gotten good reviews.  Dunwoody Village is in sore need of updating; just a little mowing of the landscaping, including the medians, would help tremendously.  So this burger joint, Village Burger, fits in perfectly with its setting, with reasonably low prices for the food and bare bones/rustic decor ... yeah, a shack. 
Their one veggie burger offering is black-bean based.  According to the menu, it comes with the in-house made VB sauce, the standard lettuce and tomato, and cheese (type?) on a whole wheat bun.  The only change to that I requested in my order was the addition of avocado.  This photo tells it all (it was a to-go order).

It was a disappointing execution of a surprisingly tasty paddy.  And, yes, presentation does matter even with take-out orders.  It had a man-handled appearance and it was full of errors -- plain ole white bun instead of wheat (veggie burgers do not belong on white bread), and no lettuce or tomato or sauce.  And the avocado slices were wedged underneath the paddy -- huh?!  Very sloppy. 
But the paddy itself was one of the better tasting black-bean burgers around.  It wasn't dry and bland, but flavorful and tender.  The hand-cut fries were better than average as well.  I would have been more perturbed if the prices weren't as reasonable as they are.  Definitely worthy of a second visit.

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